Since 2004, Contract Real Estate is also active in the construction of houses of high aesthetics and quality, based on the combination of quality and economical innovative proposals and solutions.

Construction is a complex and demanding project that begins with the issuance of the building permit and ends with the completion of the project.

The contract real estate ensures the best options for the completion of a construction project aiming at the best possible quality in the result, within the foreseen budget & schedule. We pride ourselves on building high quality properties for all clients. With over 30 years of experience under our belt - including an emphasis placed towards customer service excellence- you can rest assured knowing that we will provide complete guidance throughout this process of designing and constructing anything imaginable while making sure it meets with both aesthetically pleasing standards as well be structurally sound too. Our team includes architects who specialize in different fields such as thermal designs so there's always something fresh coming upstate.

If you are looking to build a new home in Crete, our team can take care of every step of the process, from design through construction and beyond- we can take care of any project no matter how big.

Beautiful Building Designing

We will visit your land before you decide to buy and advise on the possible benefits of that location. We can also discuss what type or design concept would work best for both residential properties as well commercial spaces with our award-winning architects producing full plans based on ideas from customers like yourself!

Building homes in Chania

You can be sure that your new home will have all the features you need and more. We guarantee it, with a superior quality finish to make sure this is something worth being proud of! Our homes are designed for year-round living; they include pools (in some cases), gardens landscaping - central heating & air conditioning plus Italian kitchens built right into them - superb floor tiles galore - and much more.

You can be sure that our team will ensure your home is built to the highest standards and delivered on time, within budget with superior quality finish.

We guarantee you'll love it!

Project 1 - Akrotiri

Project 2 - Agia

Project 3 - Akrotiri

Project 4 - Akrotiri

Project 5 - Chrusopigi